Case-fixing, through judicial pimps, is  perhaps the world's second oldest profession. The mechanics of such dealings is about the same as the world's oldest profession:

Judicial pimps, commonly, lawyers representing a party, get their cases assigned to the judge, with whom they have a prior arrangement, by circumventing the random case assignment procedure. These pimps maintain a relationship with the court administrator [Clerk's  office in federal courts] as well.

Throughout  the proceedings of the case, the Judges involved  act in favor of their pimps. In the end, they grant motions for summary judgement to avoid jury trials. The court's bogus opinion avoids all references to the arguments of the victims and the case is classified as 'unprecedential' to  avoid any reference to the bogus precedence.

The Philadelphia Inquirer [June 14, 2010] reports, on the front page, that in 2007, Supreme Court Justice Ron Castille,  now Chief Justice  of Pennsylvania, had closed ties with Attorney Jeffrey B. Rotwitt to whom Castille gave millions of dollars of the public money in the Family Court project. Rotwitt was also representing Foxwoods' casinos,  a case before Castille. Both Rotwitt and Castille failed to disclose to the opposing party that Rotwitt was representing the Court and the Chief Justice in the Family Court  project.

In the lower courts, the lawyer-court stealth relationship is  common.  In order to get elected and re-elected to the bench,  almost all Pennsylvania judges maintain close relationship with a group of lawyers  who practice before them. These lawyers act as 'JUDICIAL PIMPS'  for the judges. Such lawyers are hired by clients for their  proximity  with the court.
Judge Kathrynann W.  Durham, Delaware County Court of Common Pleas, committed forgery to help Independence Blue Cross and its attorney Gerald J. Dugan.  Both, Judge Durham's pimp, who happens to be the Court Administrator Gerald Montella, and attorney Dugan were involved in getting the case placed before the judges favorable to Independence Blue Cross.  Despite strong evidence of  fraud, no criminal  charges were  filed  against Judge Durham, Montella or Dugan.  See

In an employment discrimination case, Heartland Home Healthcare Services first hired REED SMITH LLP of  Philadelphia because of  the law  firm's proximity with federal Judge Michael Baylson who had collected thousands of dollars from the firm  as the Chief Fundraiser of  Senator Arlen Specter.

After paying approximately a million dollar on  the  Heartland case  to Reed Smith, LLP, Heartland Home Healthcare hired  the Chester County, PA, law firm  of  LAMB  McERLANE  when the case went to Chester County Court of Common Pleas.

     Why? Because attorney James McErlane of the Lamb McErlane law  firm is the judicial pimp for Chester County Common Pleas Judge Roland Nagle and possibly for other judges in the same Courthouse. In his bogus "Opinion", Nagle suppressed all the facts and legal issues favoring the Plaintiff and ruled in favor of Heartland. Nagle is also due for re-election [retention] in a few years and needs support  from the local lawyers. James  McErlane has admitted having a relationship with Nagle. In return for his 'services', McErlane has been appointed a member of the Judicial Conduct Board. Ha Ha.       

      Anyone doubting the allegation against Judge Nagle must review the proceedings in case numbers: 2008-11441 and 2008-14190. In all fairness to the county residents, the cases must be investigated and both McErlane and Nagle should be disciplined against subverting judicial proceedings. This will deter other judges, and their pimps, from corrupting the judicial system.  Unfortunately, in Pennsylvania there is no effective system to check such criminals.  Both the Judicial Conduct Board  and the Disciplinary Board are highly political and corrupt to the core.        
  As far the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas, Pa, is concerned, it is considered one of the most corrupt, the most  racist and lawless county courts in the nation. In a divorce court a wife got her husband in big time trouble by claiming that her husband was hiding millions of dollars. Though the lady had no evidence to support her claim, thanks to the judicial ties of her lawyer, the judge  imprisoned the husband, also a lawyer, in contempt of court for denying that he had the money. The imprisonment  continued  for  14 years, the longest term for contempt of court in the history of the United States according to the Philadelphia Inquirer See also  the  video below  from an outraged Delaware County resident:  


  Judge Ronald C. Nagle
  Judge Kathrynann W. Durham
Unfortunately, in the end part of the video, the message and the audibility is lost in profanity. The link is being provided just to demonstrate the degree of public frustration with the County Court. 
Delaware County Court Administrator
Gerald Montella fixes cases for Judge Durham and pimps for other Judges with impunity. There is no effective remedy in law  for Montella's criminal conduct. 
Philadelphia Attorney Gerald J. Dugan
pimps for  Judge Durham and Federal Magistrate David Strawbridge from whom he unlawfully obtains confidential information on litigants

                 JUDICIAL  PIMPS

The fact that big businesses like Independence Blue Cross and HCR  Manor Care seldom lose cases in the federal district court and the Third Circuit Court of Appeals is because they engage law firms that are pimps for federal courts. 
Philadelphia law firms Morgan Lewis and Bockius and Reed Smith LLP of Philadelphia are established pimps for the federal district and appeals courts in Philadelphia and  New Jersey.  Anthony Scirica, the Chief Judge of the Third Circuit, has a special relationship with Morgan Lewis. Court  Rules are violated by the Clerk of the Third Circuit to assign selected panels to their cases.
There is absolutely no effective remedy in law to deal with these criminals. 


U.S.  Senator  Arlen Specter of  Kansas came to Pennsylvania as a curse of God on the Commonwealth.  After ostensibly working for the  Pennsylvanians, for a few years, the cat was out of the bag :  Specter went to work for Israel______his  constituent indeed.

One of  Specter's major agendas was to conspire with other NeoCons to instigate,  through deceit and criminal conspiracy, a proxy war for Israel  against  Iraq in which more than 5,000 Americans have so far been killed and close to a trillion  American  dollars lost.  With
its success in shooting  skud missiles to Israel and its unmatched 800,000 military strongmen in the region,  Iraq was the only threat to the Jewish State.  Israel  is the only country that has enormously benefited by the Iraq War.

Of  the three branches of  the federal government,  federal judiciary used to be the  only  branch  not  controlled by the Israeli Lobby for which the Lobby paid a heavy price:  Israeli spy, Texas-born, Jonathan Pollard was sentenced for life and Israel was unable  to  secure his release despite repeated  shameful  attempts.  Ever since his conviction, Pollard has awaited a hero's welcome in Israel for spying on  the United States. Visit:  and  [in Hebrew].


Specter and his comrades resolved to change the  face of the federal judiciary.  U.S. Senators  Joe Lieberman, and  Frank Lautenberg  were determined to promote the mission. The Senate Judiciary Committee slavishly appointed  a whole slew of federal judges who had little or no legal scholarship or intellect.  In fact,  many of the these nominees had highly questionable background checks.

Thus the federal district court and the federal  appeals court  in Philadelphia [Third Circuit]  became a hub for corrupt  dealings where judicial proceedings are routinely and  criminally subverted to favor the law firms that are, and have been, wholesale donors to the Arlen Specter Election Campaign. 

These courts are run by  the Judges who inhabit the Israeli Lobby's  Island of Opportunity and,  thereby,  are  staunch  members of  the Specter Clan.  The clerks of the district  court and the appeals court violate all court rules of random assignment of cases to place the judicial pimps' cases to their preferred judges.  There is ample evidence to support these facts.   See: KangarooCourts.Org  These law firms had been donating part of their winnings back to the Specter Campaign_____a truly racketeering enterprise. 

As would be evident from the specific instances below,  both the Department of Justice and the FBI have their share of Israeli agents in high positions. These  departments thus look the other way while laws  are  routinely violated  and  American interest  sacrificed in favor of Israel. One can do little when many of  the federal  judges  themselves are involved in shady practices.  The separation of powers is phony; the  federal  judges  are dependent on the legislators for their elevation.


Senator  Specter and company's  judicial  bungling,  to help  Israeli  spies,  paid off.  Really,  paid off  big time. The carefully
selected federal judges have stayed loyal to the Lobby's mission as evident from the examples below:



"Judge"  Michael Baylson is a life-long protege of Senator Arlen Specter.  He owes every single position, he ever had, to Specter.   The only 'qualifications' Baylson had for the federal bench was that he was Specter's Chief fundraiser for two decades when he collected hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Philadelphia law firms that now practice before him and win cases.

Baylson, as the federal prosecutor for the Philadelphia area, failed a lie-detector test over the leakage of extremely critical information. The test was ordered by then U.S. Attorney General. Later, Senator Specter, the FBI and Baylson hid the lie-detector fiasco from the Senate Judiciary Committee because it would have derailed Baylson's confirmation for the federal bench. See

While on the bench, Baylson  has routinely committed judicial  fraud, has made false statements, has accepted false affidavits from his pimps despite the opposing party's protest. In a given case,  when his orders were defied by attorney Sara Begley of  Reed Smith, LLP, and the opposing party asked for sanctions against contempt, he simply withdrew his orders.

Complaints of judicial misconduct against Baylson are always referred to the Specter Clan Judges at the Third Circuit which are never investigated.  The the so-called  "Judicial Council" is simply as bogus as the Specter Judges. 

Before she became a federal judge by the efforts of Senator Specter, NeoCon Marjorie Rendell was an average lawyer and a director of Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia. Her husband, Ed Rendell, now Governor, was then  Mayor of  Philadelphia.  For most of that period, her Clan member, Judge Michael  Baylson, was then federal prosecutor who was aggressively investigating Medicare fraud of area hospitals. Rendell's  hospital, Albert Einstein Medical Center, was never investigated despite official complaints.

In a civil case, although a federal judge ruled that Rendell's hospital was engaged in bribery and Medicare fraud, she was not investigated. Both Senator Specter and the FBI  hid Rendell's background flaw from the  U.S.  Senate Judiciary Committee during Rendell's confirmation as a federal  district judge and, later, as a federal  appeals court  judge.

Not too long ago, Michael Chagares,  the Third Circuit  Appeals Court Judge,  was just nobody. The man neither  had any reputation for  legal scholarship  nor was he a practicing attorney.  He was an assistant U.S. attorney in New Jersey with dozens of other assistant attorneys. 

Chagares then did something that other assistant attorneys could not do.  By Judge-shopping and by using DOJ's judicial connections, he managed to get  an  alleged  Nazi guard deported by hook or crook. United States v. Andrew Kuras [CIVIL ACTION NO. 02CV4312 Judge Joseph E. Irenas];  and  Chagares was one of the attorneys involved in  the settlement of  some of  the Holocaust claims in the case NAZI ERA CASES AGAINST MDL No. 1337 GERMAN DEFENDANTS LITIGATION. [D.N.J. Civ. A. No. 98-4104. Judge William Basselor].

Chagares' participation in one of the several projects to extort money from the Swiss and German banks endeared him to his paymasters__the Israeli Lobby and its progeny.  American scholar, Dr. Norman G. Finkelstein, whose parents were Holocaust survivors and   all of whose relatives, on both sides, were exterminated, in his internationally acclaimed book, The Holocaust Industry, has condemned  the exploitation and extortion of  money  [about $20 billion] from the European banks in the name of Holocaust.  See Video.  Most of this money went to Israel to promote the criminal enterprise.

Based on the above-referenced 'accomplishments',  the Israeli Lobby got  Chagares  appointed as the federal appeals court judge, skipping the district court  experience.  Thus  Chagares  metamorphosed  from an assistant U.S. attorney  to the  judge of  a  court  which is only one step below the U.S. Supreme Court.  His  pathetic  'Opinions'  reflect  the  leapfrogging in his career.   

Relying on Chagares' reputation as the Lobby's 'poodle', the Clerk of the Third Circuit court puts him on the appellate  panel  for all the appeals of Muslim litigants so he could rule against them to appease the Lobby and its local operators and affiliates. In  two  years,  two  separate cases of a Muslim Appellant at the Third Circuit,  were  referred to almost identical  panels  including  Chagares, Weis and Sloviter,  all foot soldiers of the Israeli Lobby.  This was in total violation of Rule 1.1 of the Third Circuit Operating Procedures which requires random assignment of cases.  No wonder, none of the panel members dissented even though the Appellant brief was full of evidence of fraud by the district court's Specter Clan Judges, Michael Baylson and Marvin Katz, against whom a complaint of misconduct was filed under oath. 

This is how the 3d Circuit Clerk, Marcia Waldron, and the Israeli Judges,  demonstrated  their 'Natanyahu defiance.' Thanks to the Lobby's influence on the federal court,  this can happen only in America. In almost any European country, these judges and Marcia Waldron would have been hauled in handcuffs for criminally subverting the legal proceedings. 
                 [The Toupe Wearer]

Specter (R) with Israeli PM Olmert

                     BEN AMI KADISH, an America-born Engineer, passed America's military secrets to Israel for 23 years.                                       Kadish was  let  go by the federal court in Manhattan, NY, with a $50,000 fine in December 2008, and with                                   NO jail  term. That is how cheap America's military secrets are when it comes to Israel. Per conspiracy, the DOJ                        did not appeal. Shame on you, DOJ.

                       LARRY FRANKLIN, a Connecticut-born engineer,  was working for Neo-Con Douglas Feith who in turn was                                   working for Neo-Con Paul Wolfowitz. Franklin was convicted in 2006 of passing defense secrets to Israel.
                       Penalty: 10 months  house arrest.  Per conspiracy, the DOJ did not appeal. Shame on you, DOJ.

                               Congresswoman  Caught on Tape  Helping  Israeli Spies

  While the FBI was investigating Larry Franklin [see above], it stumbled upon Congresswoman Jane Herman's involvement in the espionage. She is on the Intelligence Committee. The FBI  was pressured by  AG Albert Gonzales to drop her case. Shame on you DOJ.  See the Videos below.

   NASA  Scientist  Caught  Spying for Israel

Stewart  Nozette
American born  Stewart Nozette is awaiting trial at the federal court in D.C. [CR. NO. 09-00276] for espionage.  On June 3, 2010, the case was taken away from Judge James Robertson and reassigned to a Jewish Judge, Paul Friedman.  Judge Friedman has a pro-Israeli reputation. He dismissed the case against  former Israeli military chief Moshe Ya’alon. It seems Nozette will get a slap on the wrist and the DOJ  will not appeal. It all looks  too  familiar. This court is known for its irregularities and the DOJ is known for being the Lobby's poodle.

DOJ:  A Reliable Israeli Poodle

The U.S. Department of Justice has demonstrated time and again that it is  in the pocket of the Israeli Lobby and  that it cannot protect Americans from the Lobby's criminal acts
Kadish, after spying on America's military secrets for 23 years, did not see a single day in prison. Franklin  after being convicted of passing military secrets to Israel got only 10 months' house arrest. And that was okay with the DOJ. None of these sentences were appealed for fear of stricter sentencing.  My goodness! how convenient.

The DOJ, however, found it necessary to appeal the 26-month prison term of the 70-year old respectable civil rights attorney Lynn Stewart, who represented the Egyptian blind cleric, and got  the sentence raised to 10 years. The Lobby was exhilarated. This is the same Lobby which had rewarded Michael Mukasey with the Attorney General position after he, as the presiding judge, allowed torture of some alleged terrorist defendants as the lawyer representing  Jose Padilla told  the TV show Democracy Now.  Guess who were the Senators most active in the Mukasey appointment?
Joe Lieberman, Dianne Feinstein and Arlen Specter. All three of them are also the architects of the Iraq War which America is fighting for Israel. 

The Department, supposedly an independent entity, is also prone to political pressures in relaxing and covering up the background checks of Israeli Lobby's  judicial  candidates.  The FBI  suppressed information on the lie-detector test fiasco of Judge Michael Baylson during his confirmation hearings. [See the box below].


Muslim Lynching and demonization helps Israel create a negative image of Muslims to influence the American public which in turn helps in the expansion of Settlements and condones Israel against the apartheid of Palestinians and its crimes against humanity.

Israeli agents are behind almost all the daily cases of mischief and hate crimes against Muslims. The cartoons of Prophet Mohammad were the creation of the pro-Israeli artists. The ground zero mosque controversy, the Koran-burning invitation are all financially supported by the pro-Israelis. The millions of free DVDs distributed in the swing states against Obama in his Presidential elections, depicting him a Muslim,  were manufactured in Israel.  Daniel Pipes, a nationally acclaimed Islamophobe, a close friend of Arlen Specter, has been spreading hatred against Islam on a fulltime basis.

Thus it is not surprising that an important part of the Lobby's mission statement would be to solidify an anti-Muslim judicial base in key districts such
as NY, D.C., MD, VA, ILL, PA and CA.  With the presence of a strong Specter clan in  the federal courts in Pennsylvania and New Jersey under the Third Circuit, the mission succeeded in leaps and bounds after a slew of Israeli Judges, with dual nationality, were installed both at the federal  district court and the appeals court [Third Circuit] level.  


Politician-turned-Jurist  Anthony Scirica, Chief Judge of the Third Circuit until 2010,  could not have a more loyal poodle than Judge Robert B. Kugler of the District Court in New Jersey [Camden Division].  Each time, Scirica unlawfully wanted to interfere in a trial court, he would take the case away from  the trial Judge and reassign it to Kugler. Scirica made Kugler hold courts from Delaware to Philadelphia to New Jersey.  Kugler never disappointed Scirica in the kind of ruling he wanted in a particular case.

Example: Scirica was having a difficult time persuading the Honorable James Knoll Gardner to unlawfully impose monetary penalties and an injunction  on a Muslim plaintiff in a civil case where Scirica's favorite pimp, Morgan Lewis and Bockius, was the opposing counsel. Judge Gardner, a Harvard-educated highly respectable jurist did not want to be part of the Scirica circus and clowning. That is when Morgan Lewis suggested that the case be taken away from Judge Gardner and reassigned to Kugler who had developed a reputation as a Muslim-hater.  Following his pimp's advice, Scirica went ahead with the

      Kugler, that very week, on behest of Lautenburg, a pillar of the Israeli Lobby, had sentenced the guilty Fort Dix defendants, brothers in their early twenties, to life in prison without the possibility of parole for their victimless crime. This is the same week in December 2008 when Ben Ami Kadish was    set free, by a federal court in Manhattan, after being convicted of  passing America's military secrets to Israel for over 23 years, a crime that warranted capital punishment under the law.

The Morgan Lewis team found it necessary to send an attorney to tell the Muslim plaintiff that his case was reassigned to Kugler for harsh treatment based on his faith and that he should withdraw his claim.

In fact,  Scirica was so confident of  Kugler's obedience that he took away  another case of the same Muslim plaintiff  from Judge Gardner and reassigned  to Kugler. In these cases, Kugler, applying the Israeli values of thuggery, lies and deceit, followed what Scirica wanted him to do.  In his bogus "Opinion" the Judge strategically omitted any reference  to the law or stare decisis  and dismissed the highly meritorious claim contemplating support from the Israeli  Judges of the Third Circuit appeals court.  


Fort Dix Defendants at the Kugler Court
               Senator Frank Lautenberg, NJ


The term "Israeli" does not mean the Jewish people who deserve enormous respect for their contributions to the society. The term implies the Israeli agents in the United States who have created a nationwide Mafia-like racketeering  enterprise that is involved in criminal acts such as discussed herein. 

Israeli criminals, through political and judicial blackmailing, arm-twisting and retaliations, have created extreme fear to silence Americans. The incidents described herein demonstrate how the American values of justice and fairplay are being replaced by the Israeli values of thuggery, crimes against humanity, lies and deceit by none other than the American jurists, many of  whom owe their appointments to the Israeli Lobby..                    

McErlane: A Nagle Pimp
  We Pimp for Chesco Judges